Krista: My BFF!!! She loves music, chocolate, shopping, facebook, swimming, and guys!
Ellie: my old BFF who moved, she likes dance, cheer leading, tennis, volleyball, good grades, and her bf
Felicia: my friend at school, she's soooooo funny and she loves music a lot and she is on the basketball team
Sophia: my friend at school, she is really cool and she likes guys and skateboards and facebook and music
Lake: He's sooo awesome and funny, he likes ice cream and is in a band that sux (no offense) even though I've never heard them and actually we're not really that good of friends
Sydney; she is also my BFF and she's funny and artistic and really hyper and smart and we went to sleepaway camp
Laura: I met her at sleep away camp. She is really awesome. Her website, PFB (peanut butter fudge) is the one who taught me about weebly.
Miranda: not Miranda Forrester!!! I've known her since she was born. She is 2 years younger than me. She is also a BFF but she goes to a different school than me.
Nikita: She is my BFF that I've known the longest. She is incredible, she just got her batmitzvah but she's a year younger. Her batmitzvah was totally awesome!!!!! She's popular at her school and she's really nice.
Marlie: She rox and she's really funny, her dad invents different video games for EA GAMES!!!! she gets free games all the time. She goes to my sunday school. She likes video games, jokes, and hanging out with peples
Grace: waaaaaaah! why did she have to leave? She was my bff but she moved and now I'll never see her again... well, when I knew her, she liked being outside, shopping, sleepovers, and teasing Ethan (my little brother who also has a website)
Alex: Grace's brother, who was only my friend for a week untill he became evil... grrrrr.... but he's still on my friends' list for being cool
Hope: Grace's little sister, she is sooooo cool!
Tristen: evil but nice. She likes black. That's all I know.
Mariah: Tristen's BFF. She likes chicken.
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